53% of European travelers take their environmental impact into account (source: Amadeus/ Opinium), which proves that environmental and social awareness also affects business and leisure tourism. Bordeaux attracts eco-travelers and is actively committed to sustainable tourism. 

This is one of the objectives for the next few years: recognizing Bordeaux for its sustainable tourism and setting the city as an example. The Bordeaux tourist and convention bureau (Office de tourisme et des congrès de Bordeaux) intends to federate all the players in the tourism industry in an eco-responsible approach. 2020 ended with very encouraging news for the continuation of this approach: Bordeaux obtained a very good result in the Global Destination Sustainability Index.

The destination’s overall score rose from 54% to 72% in one year, placing it among the most dynamic destinations worldwide. This is made possible by a solid base of places and actors already committed to sustainable tourism, whether it be social, environmental or ethical.

Bordeaux à Vélo JM - MA©Nicolas Duffaure