Accomodation and food services

European Company Sport Games 2023


More than 30000 beds are available in and around Bordeaux…This should be sufficient for the European Company Games where 6,000 participants are expected !

To keep the spirit of friendliness, gathering and exchange, we have selected 11.000 beds for you near the three main sites “Bordeaux Lac”, “Bordeaux Coeur de ville”, and “Quartier Sud” with direct access to transport.

Campsites, mobile home, hostels, apartments, 2 to 5 stars hotels and even Bed and Breakfast. Everything is made to fit your needs and your budget ( from 20 € to 150 € per night per person ) 


Food Services

Bordeaux is the city of France which has the highest number of restaurants per inhabitants in front of Lyon, you will eat very well, from french cuisine to globalized, you will have many choices ! Regarding the prices, it will cost  you on average 15-20 € per person in a restaurant.