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European Company Sport Games – Newsletter n°4 – October 2022


The Games are open to all!

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You asked for them, so here they are: triathlon, padel and Basque pelota were added for the first time to the European Games. 

Participate individually or as a team in the 37 disciplines available at the 24th edition of the European Company Sport Games. Rugby, squash, dragon boat, cycling, archery, table football and chess, the diversity of the sports program means that everyone can take part in the discipline they like. The competition is open to everyone, without any age restrictions nor high level of sport practice. The 4 parasports disciplines (athletics, wheelchair basketball, off-stage race and swimming) will benefit from a specific ranking to allow everyone to shine.

Discover 4 leisure & discovery activities for the very first time at the ECSG. Hiking, Nordic walking and cycle touring will lead you through the Bordeaux area. Enjoy the sport-health activities for an experience of well-being and share moments of conviviality with your colleagues.

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“The Bordeaux Games will be fantastic”

“The health issue is becoming crucial, especially in Den­mark, where com­pany sport is going very strong. We work closely with the Ministry of cul­ture which we are a part of, so that all sports can be practiced in all companies, whatever their size. Today, we feel that em­ployees seek to do things together, not just the traditional company sport activities but all kinds of new ones, such as what we call them “colleagues exercises” in Denmark, which are practiced directly on the wor­king place instead of going to a nearby sports venue. Moreover, the Bordeaux Coordinators Meeting has been very posi­tive. The facilities are high quality and I es­pecially like the fact that many venues are close to each other, as opposed to being scattered all across the city, which I feared. I think the Games will be fantastic and I look forward to attending the Games next year.”


President, Danish Federation for Company Sport 🇩🇰



“The Bordeaux Games will be a landmark event”

“Today, in Germany, we have nearly 220,000 active com­pany practitioners in over 90 different disciplines. Com­pany sport walks on two legs: traditional sports and health-related activities, which are increasingly attracting public interest. Company sport is an excellent alternative to professional sport for most of us who are not in a position to take part in the Olympic Games. In this respect, I think Bordeaux is an ideal place to host the Eu­ropean Games. 8,000 to 10,000 people are expected to participate. Only once in the history of the EFCS did that many people attend the Games, to Berlin in 1993. In this sense too, the Bordeaux Games will truly be a milestone event.”


President, German Federation for Company Sport – DBSV 🇩🇪






“60 to 80 athletes from the sports association Weiss-Blau Allianz Hamburg are considering taking part in the ECSG 2023”

“Ahead of our participation in the European Games, SC Allianz Hamburg met Thomas Le Lann on October 8th, 2022, in Bordeaux. Our group, Cordula, Frank, Kerstin and Jörg, had the opportunity to discuss with Thomas in order to prepare the participation of the Allianz athletes to this new edition. We are happy to encourage our athletes and to be able to support their participation next year. We warmly thank the ECSG 2023 organising committee for their hospitality and their friendly communication.”




Thomas Le Lann, general coordinator of the 2023 European Company Sport Games, could answer various questions from the Allianz group: accommodation, transport, catering, sports program and more. The meeting ended with a visit of some sports venues and the Hangar 14, the place where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held. We would like to thank Allianz for this meeting and we look forward to welcoming all the club’s athletes to Bordeaux next year.

Contact the ECSG Team to get an appointment in Bordeaux or hold an online meeting on the 24th edition of the European Company Sport Games. We are here to let you know everything you need to know about this edition and answer all your questions.


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“Created in June 2021, the Club Hôtelier Bordeaux Métropole (CHBM) federates hotels and tourist residences in Bordeaux. As of today, the club has more than 100 members, providing more than 7,500 rooms.

The CHBM’s mission is to participate in the development of the tourist attraction of the Bordeaux area and its city and to find its synergies to accompany the members in the transition towards a sustainable and responsible tourism.

The CHBM is naturally concerned by the next European Company Sport Games which will take place in June 2023 in Bordeaux, as the reception and accommodation are essential factors in the success of such an event. A partnership agreement with the FFSE has been signed to provide future participants with a catalogue of accommodations and their availability. Our members will commit themselves to facilitating the European Games and share the city’s joie de vivre.”


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