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European Company Sport Games – Newsletter n°5 – November 2022


For the first time at the ECSG, oenology and leisure & discovery activities 

Last month, we covered the 37 sports disciplines. But did you know that for the 24th European Company Sport Games, the French Federation for Company Sport has developed an exclusive programme to allow you to discover Bordeaux?

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cyclotourisme randonnée pédestre marche nordique sport-santé

4 leisure & discovery activities are proposed.

The cycle touring activity will allow you to discover the region with daily courses from 60 to 120km, with different level groups.

Enjoy the landscapes around Bordeaux with daily hiking and nordic walking for half a day or the whole day according to your level.

Many sport-health activities will be proposed every day: pilates, fitness, stretching, and many others.

Choose your favourite discipline: feel free to practice the same activity or to choose a different one each day.


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verres de vin chateau de Bordeaux vignobles de Bordeaux
Top photos and bottom left photo ©Ecole du vin de Bordeaux by Sarah Arnould Bottom right photo ©_prettyglass


The next European Company Sport Games will take place in Bordeaux. Therefore, it seemed obvious to add an exclusive discipline: oenology!


Instructors from the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, training tool of the Bordeaux Wine Bureau (CIVB), will gladly animate this discipline, as they are daily actors of the Bordeaux wine industry: winegrowers, oenologists, sommeliers…


And because we want to give you a taste of what’s to come… let’s have a closer look at the programme for these three days!


  • DAY 1 An overview of the Bordeaux vineyards through four wines and an introduction to wine tasting for you to fully enjoy this experience.
  • DAY 2 Become an oenologist for a few hours and discover which wine profile is your favourite: taste the main Bordeaux grape varieties, before trying to blend them, the signature of the region’s wines!
  • DAY 3 To complete your exploration, focus on the legends of the Bordeaux region: their appellations, history and classifications.


Not to mention, of course, a visit to the Cité du Vin, a museum that is internationally known for its promotion and transmission of the wine world, as well as a visit to a vineyard: the highlight of this last visit will be a wine tasting to ensure that your memories of the 24th edition of the European Games will forever be engraved in your heart.

Wine tasting, terroir, culture and heritage will be the key words of this discipline. Will you be there?


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logo des Vins de Bordeaux CIVBlogo de l'ecole du vin de bordeaux






“The Bordeaux Games will bring joy and lifelong friendships to Swedish participants.”

“Games like the ECSG always contribute to new international possibilities, increase our understanding of other cultures, strengthen interaction between people across national borders and give joy to thousands of participants from companies all over Europe. Korpen, the Swedish Federation for Company Sport, has brought companies and workplaces together to play sports for over 100 years. Company sports is an important part of our history and a strong tradition among Swedish companies.

For a few years Sweden has had a hard time gathering companies for international events, but we are confident that the city of Bordeaux has just the right conditions to turn this around and attract Swedish companies to the games again. The opportunity for companies to compete over the boarders is fantastic and to be able to experience this in a city like Bordeaux with its great sporting facilities and amazing atmosphere, is unique. The city of Bordeaux itself is a great selling point that will hopefully attract a lot of Swedes.

We believe that sport can do a great deal to strengthen the relation between coworkers, if we then add the sporting exchanges between different nations it will contribute to lifelong friendships and sportsmanship. Sport involves so much more than physical activity – the exchange of social experiences is often the most important part. We are sure that this is an area in which Bordeaux certainly will deliver and completely exceed our expectations.

We are really looking forward to the 24th edition of the games and the possibility for our companies to come to the lovely city of Bordeaux.”


Member of the EFCS Executive Committee and General Secretary of the Swedish Federation for Company Sport (KORPEN) 🇸🇪



“The Bordeaux Company Sport Games will be the Top Sport Event of the year 2023.”

“The Hellenic Company Sport Games have just been held in October in Athens with great success. About 60 companies enjoyed a three-day event full of sports.

With this feeling, we look forward to the participation of Greek Companies in the European Games in Bordeaux in 2023. With a wealth of historic and modern facilities dedicated to sports, the Bordeaux region offers a variety of sporting activities. The combination of experience and expertise in the field of volunteering, supported by the residents and the city authorities, make Bordeaux the site of important sporting events, held on an annual basis.

The participation of Organizations from Europe is very important for the development of Company Sports. The future is bright for Sports Company Games if we further join forces today.

We are looking forward to see you again!”


Member of the EFCS Executive Committee and President of HOCSH Events Organizing Committee 🇬🇷






The Organising Committee has had the pleasure to meet with companies from different countries and discuss all their questions about logistics and disciplines among other topics.


After meeting with the sports association from Allianz in Bordeaux last month, the French Federation for company sport held several e-meetings to present the Games and answer questions with French, German, Austrian and Swiss companies. We will soon have the pleasure to meet with Greek and Belgian companies and their EFCS members.


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