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European Company Sport Games – Newsletter n°6 – December 2022


Plan your participation to the European Company Sport Games 2023 !

Get all logistics information to organise your participation in the European Games from June 14th to 18th, 2023 in Bordeaux: transports, accommodation, catering.





Some of you expressed concern about the limited number of flights planned so far to come to Bordeaux in June.

Don’t worry! We are currently working with the airport in Bordeaux and the airlines based there. As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, flight plans are now released with less anticipation and will be available in early 2023. There will be many more possibilities in a few days or weeks.

If you wish to travel by train, Bordeaux is only two hours away from Paris (Montparnasse train station and Charles de Gaulle airport). Upon your arrival, you will be given a travel card with free and unlimited use of Bordeaux’s public transports (bus, tram), for 7 days.




The 24th edition of the European Company Sport Games is coming soon and we receive many accommodation requests.

From camping to palace, there is a choice for everyone. Accommodation availability is decreasing rapidly. As of today, 3,000 beds out of 7,000 reserved by the organisation are already booked.

4,000 beds are still available. Book your company’s accommodation now on our website.



Make sure to enjoy our catering service and pre-book your meals for the Games today.

To do so, please fill in the form which is available on our website. Once completed for all your participants, please send it to

If you wish to receive the form as a shared-document to be sent directly to the employees for organisational purposes, please contact the Organising Committee at


Details of the menus are available on our website. Not all menus are online yet. If you do not wish to book a meal, you will still be able to eat at the refreshment stand, which will offer some snack products.


Book your meals




Come to the Hangar 14 upon arrival.

The Hangar 14 will open its doors every day to celebrate the After-Sport Party after the competitions, and also enjoy the traditional opening and closing ceremonies.

Accreditations will also be handed over on Tuesday, 13th from 2 p.m. to 6p.m. and Wednesday 14th, from 9 a.m to 10 p.m.

Evening meals will be served as an open buffet with a large choice, at 20€ per meal and per person. To pre-book your meals, please fill in the same form as above or visit the catering page.

Concerts and activities will be held there every evening until midnight and until 2a.m. on Saturday, to share moments of conviviality between participants.

The Hangar 14 will be the daily meeting point for all athletes and accompanying persons during the Games. Members of the Organising Committee will be available on site to help you and answer your questions.


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“I have full confidence in the organisation of the ECSG 2023 in Bordeaux!”

“Since I know that the French Federation for Company Sport has the experience of organizing such big events and that their big heart for company sport is real and authentic, I believe these European Games could not have wished for a better host. I know that the experience of the participants has their full priority, and they will do everything with a lot of quality and professionalism.

Also, after the Coordinators Meeting last year, I could see with my own eyes that all facilities and accommodations are very carefully selected and very well situated.
Every venue is located in Bordeaux itself and is connected through a good and efficient network of transportation. Above all, the city itself is, of course, beautiful and pleasant to hang out. Therefore I really look forward going to Bordeaux and
participating with our Belgian delegation, and I know for sure that they are too.

Let’s all together make ECSG Bordeaux 2023 a unique and unforgettable experience, and moreover enjoy the great benefits at work afterwards! Because it’s a fact: the effects of joining these Games as a team are just fantastic and beyond all expectation.”

Silke Veeckman – Coordinator of company sport projects, Belgian Company Sport Federation (FROS), Belgium





“We participated in 10 ECSG and will come to Bordeaux.”

“We are a group that plays tennis for recreational purposes and we are members of the Croatian Federation for Sports Recreation “Sport for All”. We participated in 10 ECSG already: 1995 in Zaragoza, 1997 in Trondheim, 1999 in Andalo (Trento), 2009 in Rovinj, 2011 in Hamburg, 2013 in Prague, 2015 in Riccione, 2017 in Gent, 2019 in Salzburg and 2022 in Arnhem.

Although we are in our golden years already we still play mainly in couples at least once a week. We come to Bordeaux because it is an interesting destination to visit, where we can enjoy famous wines and where we expect to have a great time..

Of course, and most importantly, we want to take part in the competition. We registered for the tennis team competition over 40 with 3 teams: two with 4 members and one with 3 members. We will also come with 2 accompanying members who won’t play but will definitively cheer on us.”

DSR COLOSEUM – Boris Paškov, Croatia



“New Wave France is pleased to announce a partnership between Craft and the French Federation for Company Sport (FFSE)”

“A specialist in staff equipment with its 4 brands: Clique (corporate and communications clothing), Craft Corporate (technical and sports clothing), Projob (work clothing, PPE), Cutter & Buck (Premium equipment), New Wave is one of the European leaders in professional markets.

Craft Corporate is a strong brand whose DNA is to facilitate and encourage the practice of sport in the company. We share many common values with the FFSE : humility, commitment, high standards and the will to succeed.

It is a common ambition to promote company sport not only as a vehicle for integration and well-being but most importantly as a support of good physical health for all employees.

Craft will build on its commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility when developing its collections :

  • 2022: 50% of the collection is made with sustainable raw materials
  • 2023: 100% of new products will be made from at least one sustainable raw material
  • 2027: 100% of our products will be 100% eco-designed
  • 2030: 100% of our product components will be made from non-fossil raw materials

This commitment is an important asset for the French Federation for Company Sport. We warmly thank Mr. Didier Besseyre (FFSE President, EFCS President) and Mr. Mohamed Soltani (FFSE Production Deputy Managing Director) for trusting us and supporting our values.”

New Wave France – C. Lardy, Directeur Général



The Organising Committee has had the pleasure to meet with companies from different countries and discuss all their questions about logistics and disciplines among other topics.

The French Federation for Company Sport held several e-meetings to present the Games and answer questions with French, German, Swiss companies among others.

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The offices of the Organising Committee of the European Company Sport Games will be closed from December 22nd, 2022 to January 2nd, 2023. We will answer your questions as soon as we come back.




Do you have any questions? Find all information on the website and contact us at


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