Newsletter n°7


European Company Sport Games – Newsletter n°7 – January 2023


Final round to register for the European Company Sport Games !

Complete your registration now and book your accommodation and meals for the 24th edition of the European Company Sport Games in Bordeaux.




Catchball is on the programme of the European Company Sport Games.

Following the request of several of its members, the European Federation for Company Sport has approved the 38th discipline: we are pleased to announce a catchball competition in Bordeaux.

For those who are not familiar with this discipline, it is an exclusively feminine team sport that was developed in Israel for women over 25. Two teams of six players play against each other. Catchball is quite similar to volleyball, but unlike volleyball where passes are not blocked, in catchball players catch the ball before passing it. We are looking forward to organising the competition of this new and growing sport across Europe.


Catchball registration is already possible online. Of course, the registration deadline for this discipline will be extended beyond January 31st 2023 to allow interested teams to join us. Registration remains open for all other disciplines. Discover the discipline in video.




Thanks to the support of our partners, you will be able to practice your favourite sport in facilities that are perfectly adapted to the needs and spirit of the European Company Sport Games.

Thus, we will offer sports centres, in which several disciplines will take place in the same place, as well as historical and prestigious sports sites for which the city of Bordeaux is famous.


In the north of Bordeaux, the 5-a-side, 7-a-side and 11-a-side football tournaments will be played at the Plaine des Sports – Colette Besson, as well as the darts, shooting, triathlon and some tennis tournaments.




The table tennis events will be held at the historic and majestic Velodrome. A few hundred metres from this central site of the European Games, you will also be able to encourage the participants in the squash, padel, sailing or dragon boat events, while some golfers will discover the two 18-hole courses of the Bordeaux Lac golf course.



To the south of Bordeaux, a large number of modern facilities of the University and CREPS of Bordeaux, usually dedicated to high-level athletes, will host all handball and basketball tournaments as well as the archery competition and part of the beach volleyball games. Shuttles driving to other golf courses and to the last beach volleyball site will also leave from this location. They are the only sites to not be directly served by the public transport network. We have mapped out the cycling route a little farther south to take you through some beautiful scenery, including some of the famous Bordeaux vineyards.



Finally, all other disciplines will take place in the city centre in spectacular infrastructures and on historic sites: petanque on the Place des Quinconces, badminton at the Mériadeck ice rink, 3×3 basketball at the Palais des Sports, Basque pelota or beach volleyball at the Parc Saint Michel, swimming at the Judaïque swimming pool… You will appreciate these symbolic places not only for their sporting value but also their beauty and historic dimension.


Bordeaux’s facilities are ready and waiting for you!


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Make sure to enjoy our catering service and pre-book your meals for the Games today.

To do so, please fill in the form which is available on our website. Once completed for all your participants, please send it to

If you wish to receive the form as a shared-document to be sent directly to the
employees for organisational purposes, please contact the Organising Committee at



Details of the menus are available on our website. Not all menus are online yet. If you do not wish to book a meal, you will still be able to eat at the refreshment stand, which will offer some snack products.


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You are invited to the next e-meeting where the French Federation for Company Sport presents the Games and answers all your questions :

  • Tuesday, 24th January at 2 p.m.

Are you interested in a one-to-one meeting? Contact us at to get an appointment.

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“The USCG Squash is coming back to the European Games.”

“The FFSE adventure of the USCG Squash began in 2004 in Clermont-Ferrand. Then, we had the chance to go to other events such as Aalborg in 2007, Hamburg in 2011, Prague in 2013 and Riccione in 2015. In 2023, USCG Squash will be back at the European Games and compete in 2 disciplines: padel and squash.

Our previous participations, only with squash teams, have always brought us great moments of sport and conviviality, as well as some medals that we are proud to have won for the SNCF. We look forward to meeting again in Bordeaux and complete the collection.”

USCG Squash – Cheminots de Gerzat – Laurent TAVIOT, France





European roots, intercultural intelligence and know-how with diversity: 3 good reasons (at least) to be a partner of the 2023  European Games !

As a leading school of intercultural management and communication, ISIT’s ambition is to transform its students’ passion for languages into intercultural skills, to help the international competitiveness of companies, organisations and associations.

What do we do? We train multilingual professionals to a wide variety of professions:
marketing, international relations, communication, digital, human resources, translation, consulting, international relations, international legal professions, conference interpreting. Whether they are managers, communicators, lawyers, international relations experts, translators or interpreters, our graduates are indispensable interfaces, capable of steering internationalisation projects in a complex, digitalised and constantly changing world.


But let’s go back to our history! ISIT was founded in 1957 to meet the needs of
French diplomacy in the context of European construction. Our raison d’être:
train them to become conveyors of meanings and creators of links. Since our creation, our position has been firmly anchored in the international and more particularly, European diplomatic world. Our relations are particularly close with the main European organisations such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Justice.


ISIT has been a reference in international careers for more than 60 years and contributes to the consolidation of the European Higher Education and Research Area by keeping in mind its founding values :

  • Passion for languages and cultures
  • Boldness
  • Curiosity
  • Humanism
  • Know-how with diversity

ISIT – Nathalie SCHWARTZ, Director of Communications & Corporate Relations




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