Œnology programme


Participate in the Œnology programme and discover the wines of Bordeaux

How could we not associate the 24th European Company Sports Games with what has made the city of Bordeaux famous for decades? Wine.

During 5 half-days, from Thursday to Saturday, you will have the opportunity to learn about oenology from professionals in the sector. Specially designed for you, the programme offers instruction on winemaking and tasting techniques, fun and educational exercises, as well as visits to reference sites.

Become a recognized expert on Bordeaux wines by participating in this oenology programme. Accessible during the games, but also before and after the event, registration will be open to both athletes and accompanying persons.

Registration to the oenology programme includes :

  • An access to the 3 workshops (introduction to wine tasting, the art of blending, the scents of wine)
  • A ticket for the Cité du Vin
  • An entrance ticket to visit a castle and enjoy a wine tasting moment.

Oenology is one of the disciplines because the programme requires a high availability.

Nevertheless, for participants registered in a sport discipline or for accompanying persons, it will be possible to book, at preferential rates, before, during or after the games, specific workshops individually or in groups.

Find more information in the following attachment:

To register for the programme, please contact us.

Price of the programme: €280 (€180 registration fee + €100 for œnology).


Presentation of the three workshops of the œnology programme


  • Workshop 1: Introduction to tasting


Initiate yourself to the art of wine tasting between two sporting events. Take advantage of a fun and interactive tour to grasp the subtleties of grape varieties and aromas and put the right words on your tasting sensations.


2 hours of training where you will discover:

*The Bordeaux grape varieties

*The vineyard, the cellar

*Secrets of blending

*An aromatic journey

*The words to say it

*Tasting of 4 Bordeaux wines (AOC) with commentary


  • Workshop 2: The art of blending

Come and understand the signature of Bordeaux wines by participating in the second workshop: the art of blending.  First, you will be invited to taste the main Bordeaux grape varieties to discover their characteristics. Then, in a second step, you will have the opportunity to compose your own wine!

©Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux par Sarah Arnould

3 hours of training:

*The Bordeaux grape varieties

*The secrets of blending

*Making of your own blend

*Commented tastings of Bordeaux wines (AOC)




  • Workshop 3: The scents of wine
©Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux par Sarah Arnould

Awaken your senses by introducing you to the wines of Bordeaux. Take this aromatic journey and discover an exciting universe that will lift the veil on an important step of wine tasting. Thanks to the expertise of the instructors, the bouquets of wine will no longer hold any secrets for you!


3 hours of training including:

*Senses and tasting: the words to say it

*An aromatic course with an olfactory identification of primary, secondary and tertiary aromas

*Commented tastings of Bordeaux wines (AOC)


Please note: the wine programme is available in French and English.

We invite people with reduced mobility to contact us to ensure that they are welcomed and that certain workshops are accessible.


The Cité du Vin: a must-see museum to visit during the European Company Sport Games in Bordeaux


Located on the banks of the Garonne River, La Cité du Vin is a museum not to be missed. World famous, its mission is to support, develop and transmit the wine heritage.

The Cité du Vin is a place of culture and sharing. It is above all a place which allows the discovery of wines from all countries and which remains essential when one is initiated to the Bordeaux wine.

Only 20 minutes walk from Hangar 14, the museum is easy to access and you can go there before or after your sports events.


Visit a castle and participate in a wine tasting


Bordeaux is a city with a rich heritage, full of castles and wineries. To make your experience even more unique, enjoy a visit to a famous place and participate in a wine tasting.

The wine programme is waiting for you! If you have already registered for the European Company Sport Games and would like to combine sport and cultural visits, you have come to the right place.


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