A sporting city


Bordeaux is a dynamic
and sporting city !

With several major modern or historical sites dedicated to sport, Bordeaux and its conurbation offer a large choice of sporting activities.

The density and diversity of sports facilities, coupled with the know-how and experience of the voluntary sector, supported by the city, make Bordeaux the scene of numerous mass or high-level sporting gatherings every year.

Bordeaux marathon, ATP tennis tournament championship and international jumping are organized every year. Hosting of the European Football Championships in 2016, the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and football matches during the Paris 2024 Olympics bear witness to the region’s sporting appeal.

There is no doubt that the 24th European Company Sports Games will find their place alongside these many prestigious events

Cycle touring

A town on the plain (with the exception of the slopes of the right bank), Bordeaux lends itself easily to cycle touring. In 2019, the “Bicycle Cities Index” established by the German startup Coya positions Bordeaux as the 12th most cycling city in the world.

The conurbation has 291 km of cycle paths and greenways. The Super Bike Rides list suggestions for walks from 1 hour to 5 hours to explore heritage, nature, vineyards and the river.